There’s a lipstick for all!

The secret lies in choosing the right shade on the basis of one’s own colours,
but above all in learning how to apply it!

Find out how to apply

This is why we thought we’d give you a mini guide for lipsticks by puroBio cosmetics.

First of all, it is very important that your lips are properly moisturized and have no pellicles.

Then, we suggest you apply a light scrub on your lips or otherwise simply brush them lightly with a toothbrush, and then moisturize them with a good lip balm or with your favourite vegetable oil.

Your lips will be soft and moisturized, ready for make-up and for offering our lipsticks the best performance

Our lipsticks are available in both lip pencil and in the new stick form.

The formulations enable to obtain a different finish according to the look you want or your needs or preference.

Lip pencils have different textures and finishes depending on the pigment, which affects the creaminess giving a semi-glossy or matte effect.

All 100% natural products can have these tollerances, because the ingredients they contain are not inert like lacquers of other synthetic ingredients, but are very sensitive and never identical.

Like for the lip pencil, also our lipsticks vary but all have a semi-matte finish with the exception of No. 2 which has a translucent finish.

An eventual opaqueness of the stick is to be attributed to the ingredients, silica in this case, but also to the temperatures that may affect the product.

A perfect application of lipstick is achieved through 4 important steps:

#1 – Contour

For a correct application of lipstick, be it pencil or stick, it is important to contour the lips with a matching lip pencil.

The pencil is fundamental in order to obtain a defined contour.

You can also use a lip pencil to fill in, for a more lasting effect as well as for obtaining a fuller colour.

  • Start by tracing cupid’s arch and the joining the outline starting from the outer corner of the upper lip.
  • For the lower lip start from the middle and join to the corners of the mouth.

#2 – Fill

To apply, we suggest two methods:

  •  Apply to the lips directly with the stick or pencil (quick method);
  • Apply the lipstick with the aid of our 6 lip brush, for a more accurate application. Also, thanks to the compact bristles the lipstick is applied and pressed, giving a more long-lasting effect.


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#3 – Fix


If we want to obtain long lasting effect of our puroBIO cosmetics, we suggest fixing with our brand new Loose powder primer.

 We can proceed with two different applications:

  • Take a paper tissue and separate one layer. Place it on your lips and sprinkle on the primer with a brush. Then, apply the lipstick again.This layering will make the lipstick last longer without altering the
  • Apply our primer directly on the lips.

This application will last longer and will give the lipstick a super matte finish.

#4 – Define

If you like a super precise and defined effect, you can use our SUBLIME concealer.

Take a small quantity of product from the back of your hand.

Using our n.05 brush, clean and define the outer contour of your lips blending outwards.

Video Tutorial

You can see our new LIPSTICKs at work in the video tutorial below.

Fateci sapere nei commenti se usate qualcuna di queste tecniche e come vi siete trovate!

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Or else, suggest other advice for lips on fleek!

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