puroBIO cosmetics professional brushes are perfect for any kind of make-up.

#1 – Characteristics

puroBIO cosmetics brushes are:

  • made in Italy
  • dermatologically tested
  • professional
  • synthetic bristles in DERMOCURA

Dermocura synthetic bristles are excellent for applying various types of make-up products, from creams to compact or loose powder.

#2 – What do you use them for?

Due attention should also be given to the shape and consistence of the bristles which make the brushes more or less suitable for each product.

Every brush can be used as you like and with the technique that you prefer, and for this reason puroBIO cosmetics has chosen not to name its brushes.

The following are indications regarding recommended use.


Brush number 01 is a face brush with ample, soft bristles.

Due to its size, it is suitable for large areas of the face and body.

The soft and ample bristles give a faded and soft effect, therefore suitable especially for face powders, illuminating powders, bronzers and puroBIO cosmetics loose powder primer.




Brush number 02 is medium size, the bristles are soft and broad and angled in shape.

Its size makes it perfect for applying the product on smaller parts of the face.

The products that are best suited are bronzers and illuminating powders for contouring, but also face powder and blush, for a more defined and localized result compared to brush n. 01.


Brush number 03 is a flat cut kabuki brush.

The cylindrical ferrule holds together the bristles which appear compact and clear cut, perfect for applying products that need intense applications.

Brush n.03 was created for our SUBLIME foundation, but can just as effectively be used for Powder, BBcream Sublime, and to apply and blend our lip pencils like a blush.

Tutorial BLUSH – puroBIO cosmetics


Brush number 04 is small and has compact, semi-rigid bristles.

The bristles are suitable for applying and blending creamy products like our SUBLIME concealer but also concealer pencils and puroBIO cosmetics eye shadow.

Also compact shimmer eye shadows are best applied with this brush, due to their almost creamy consistence.


Brush number 05 is a precision brush.

Its shape is very similar to brush number 04 only smaller is size, which enables you to create highlights in small areas, like the inner corner of the eye

accurately apply the concealer

apply the eyeliner

blend the kajal

fill the eyebrows

apply lipstick



Brush number 06 was created as a lipstick brush.

lipstick brush.

The bristles are thick, flexible and tapered.

The tip allows you to:

  • accurately reach the corner of the lips
  • apply lipstick
  • create well-defined contours


Brush number 07 is a brush with a flat ferrule and ample, soft bristles

Its size makes it perfect for many different types of use such as:

applying the primer in the eye area

applying and blending the eye shadow

applying and blending concealers


applying powder and other products in small areas



Brush number 08 is a blending brush.

The bristles are shaped like a flame, so they’re tighter on the end of the handle and wider at the end.

By blending we refer clearly to every kind of blending, therefore for blending eye shadow, bronzers, face powder, all with extreme precision due to the reduced size of the brush.


Brush number 09 is a mini kabuki, therefore with a cylindrical ferrule and compact bristles, cut obliquely.

Kabuki brushes are more versatile and can be used both with powders and creamy products.

This brush is particularly effective with:

loose powder primer

SUBLIME concealer

correcting concealers

eye shadows

face powder




Brush number 10 is a kabuki face brush liken brush number 03.

The difference is mainly in the shape of the tip, which in this case is tapered.

Thanks to its shape, it is particularly useful for:

  • applying SUBLIME BBcream
  • applying SUBLIME concealers
  • contouring with creamy products but also in powder
  • applying lip pencils like a blush
  • applying face powder for coverage


These are all the puroBIO cosmetics make-up brushes!

To see how they work, take a look at the video produced by PN makeup for us!

#3 – How do you clean the brushes?

Keeping the brushes clean is fundamental if you want to have the best make-up result and above all to avoid causing facial imperfections.

It is a good custom to always wash the brushes after using.

Choose a neutral soap, preferably a solid one, not containing harmful synthetic substances that could alter the bristles. You might also want to use a delicate shampoo.

Wet the brush, making sure you keep it head-down, lather and rinse carefully, dab the bristles and leave to dry in an open and airy place.

It is important that the bristles are completely dry, because the dampness could favour the proliferation of bacteria and mould.

Have you already tried puroBIO cosmetics professional brushes? How do you use them?

Which is your favourite?

But above all which one simply must become part of your make up routine?

Let us know in the comments section!