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Mascara is a must-have, a product that must be in every woman’s beauty case!

It gives charm and intensity to the eyes which are often the focal point preferred by many women, both in complex and in simple looks.

It is therefore fundamental to know and take care of your lashes in order to choose the best mascara for eyes that will not go unnoticed.

Just a quick tip: it is very important to cleanse the eyes with a suitable product, like our two-phase eye make-up remover, that completely removes all traces of the day’s mascara, without rubbing, so as not to cause any irritation and keep eyelashes healthy.

For each their own mascara!


If your lashes are thick, straight and short, you might want to try a curling mascara like our IMPECCABLE mascara!

The curved brush lifts and lengthens the lashes: for well defined and natural looking lashes.



If instead they are long but not thick, you can make them visibly more substantial with a volumizing mascara like our GLORIOUS, that comes with a tapered wand which lifts and brushes the lashes, adding a fuller look yet maintaining a natural appearance.



If we want an intense look, extra black and defined, LAM is the perfect mascara!

Its creamy texture and its wand with broad, uneven bristles, add volume to each lash, and, depending on the final result we wish to obtain, it is possible to apply repeatedly. You can therefore choose to apply one, two or three times, for eye lashes that will look volumized, defined and curved.



For a perfect mascara application it is important to make sure you have perfectly cleansed lashes.

In order to tinge and brush even the smallest lashes, it is important to position the brush as close as possible to the eyelash line.

You can proceed in 2 different ways depending on the final effect you’re looking for:

  • Longer, neat lashes? All you need to do is apply the mascara from the roots to the tips.
  • Fuller lashes? In this case it is useful to apply with the typical zig-zag movement, eventually repeated, which leaves a greater amount of product and covers even the smallest lashes, adding intensity.

Useful advice:

Evident and double lashes

If you like evident and double lashes, in addition to applying more layers of mascara, we can offer you a tip that could change the way you apply your mascara.

It is sufficient to apply a thin layer of indissoluble powder on the lashes with a clean brush before applying mascara, as this will act as a primer and make the lashes twice as thick and glamorous!


Getting it wrong

It happens frequently that you stain your skin when applying mascara, and what we usually do is wipe it off immediately. WRONG!

Because then you make things worse by smearing and wiping off your eye make-up.

Instead, it will help to let the stain dry and then delicately remove with a clean brush or a Q-tip.

LAM mascara Video Presentation.

Tutorial: Soft AUTUMN Colours.

Let us know in the comments section if any of these techniques/suggestions have been useful to you!

Or if you wish, give us other suggestions for obtaining impeccable eyelashes!

See you next time!


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